Everyone is obliged to show social responsibility.

At SkyBrands this is a very high priority and therefore we are a member of the organization BSCI. BSCI is working for companies to maintain and improve working conditions for workers on factories all around the world. Read more about BSCI at:



Skybrands is a member of Products of Change.

Products of Change is a global educational hub aimed at driving sustainable change across consumer product markets and beyond.



We are certified for GOTS as part of our sustainability strategy.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a globally recognized certification to ensure organic textiles with criteria that respect the environment and working conditions, throughout the supply chain. This means that our sustainable products are manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions and organic raw material.

Code of Conduct


SkyBrands is in very close contact with our suppliers. It is important to us that our suppliers respect their workers and that the conditions at the factories are of high standard.

As a member of BSCI we use a joint products Code of Conduct (COC), which is a set of rules our suppliers has to sign and meet.

Why Organic?


Inspired by nature, we design and produce organic bedding products whose simple style is enriched by subtle textures, rich colors and refined details. Our organic bedding is made of organic and eco-friendly cotton which is softer and feels easier on your skin. It reduces environmental impact and presents no health risks. Our organic bedding is very comfortable and it has a natural body temperature regulation. Organic cotton is a healthier choice and it is for you and your children’s well-being to choose organic whenever possible